Start Building Your Credit Today  at Midtown Kia...
If You Have a Low Credit Score, You Are Not Alone. 

Thousands of applicants struggle with this everyday.  And you may feel hopeless, frustrated and lost.  

Don't waste another second of your time trying to find bad credit car dealerships in Tulsa, and the surrounding area, who will finance bad credit auto loans

At Midtown Kia, we know neither good nor bad credit defines a person. We value your business, quality of life and want to help you.

To help you start rebuilding your credit, it's important to first understand the myths revolving around bad credit.

Myth#1 -  Clients with bad credit, or no credit, cannot get a car loan.       
  • FACT: Nothing could be further from the truth.  Though each and every circumstance is different, Midtown Kia has lenders who provide both bad credit, and no credit car loans more often than you'd believe.   
Myth#2 - Clients with bad credit can only get a car loan on a used car.
  • FACT:  Once again, though each and every circumstance is unique, you may just as easily qualify for a new car loan.  
  • FACT:  As a matter of fact, oftentimes your lender would prefer you to purchase a new vehicle, especially when it comes to a New KIA.  Why?  Because the lender understands perfectly that you will be covered by KIA's Industry Leading 60 Month/60,000 Mile Basic Warranty and 120 Month/100,000 Powertrain Warranty.  Which means you won't have any major out-of-pocket expenses any time in the near future. 
Myth#3 - Clients with bad credit have to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down to get a car loan
  • FACT:  There are times when a down payment is needed when financing an automobile.  But just as often, Midtown Kia's Credit Re-Establishment Program is able to get our clients into a new or pre-owned vehicle with absolutely no money down. 

Myths and fear often prevent people from making one of the best decisions they could have made when it comes to establishing or rebuilding their credit.  

Why put it off another day?  And to make your car buying experience convenient as possible, simply fill out your application now, and we'll do the rest.  

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